Building Faith Does Pentecost

pentecost flames painting

From the Building Faith archives: collected prayers, worship ideas, crafts, and background information to celebrate the day of Pentecost.

Taking Faith Formation Outdoors: Five Ideas

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Children crave time outdoors, and Christian formation activities outside help them connect to God. Here are five options, from plants to chalk to clay.

You’re Invited! The e-Formation Conference and Webinar


The 2016 e-Formation Conference is June 6-8. For those pursuing ministry in the digital age, e-Formation offers hands-on training and inspiration

Prayers for Earth Day


God, you have made our world and seen that it is good; grant to us, created to complete your work, the bright, delightful vision that makes us care for what we do.

Life Coaching: What is it… and Why so Popular?


Life Coaching is about removing barriers and building from strength. Could it become a model for pastoral care and Christian formation?

Why VBS Needs Teenagers… and Why Teens Need VBS

Sneakers teens

Teenagers volunteering for VBS is a win-win: you get enthusiastic helpers and a chance to offer them age-specific formation

The Lord’s Prayer Challenge: A Church Activity for all Ages and Languages

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Challenging church members to memorize and recite the Lord’s Prayer created an inter-generational goal for all of St Andrew’s. By summer’s end, over 60 people participated, with a dozen languages offered.

Blessing Children in the Home

family-prayer hands

Blessing children is a reminder of what we already know: God is present, children are loved. Parents speaking this truth with a sign is a true blessing.

New Curriculum Charts for 2016

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Freshly updated for 2016, these charts provide information on content, websites, cost, and more – for each curriculum listed.

Film School, for Sunday School

Mystery Science Theater 3000

A church develops a new model for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Film School uses movies and the Bible to engage and teach.

New Section on Building Faith: The Discernment Toolbox

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For those discerning God’s will for their lives and those guide and mentor them, Building Faith’s Discernment Toolbox is a mix of activities, reading lists and tools.

Grandparents Give the Gift of Faith

grandfather and child

Are you a grandparent? What do you like to share with your grandchildren? Do you share your faith with them? Grandparents share time and stories with grandchildren and thus share what is important to them. Includes tips for sharing faith when parents may not be willing to do so.

Could Your Church Geocache? (And what is that?)

Geocache kit

  “Gracious God, Bless the visitors that come to find our cache. We pray that all who find it know your presence in our church, our community and our world.”       What is Geocaching? Geocaching is an outdoor game where players hunt for containers of all sizes using clues and coordinates found online. […]

Staffing your VBS: How to Find Volunteers

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There are untapped volunteer pools in every church and community. Suggestions for whom to ask and how many volunteers you’ll need.

Building Faith Reaches One Million Page Views!

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Let’s celebrate! Building Faith has exceeded one million all-time page views!

A Good Friday Meditation: Could Peter Forgive Himself?

Peter wide

Remorse, repentance, self-forgiveness. Peter leads us to consider all of these practices. On Good Friday, can we repent, stick with Jesus, and find forgiveness?

Welcoming Guests on Easter

Easter lilly FLICKR good

Last year we published a post entitled 9 Ways to Welcome Church Visitors on Easter. Written by Carolyn Moomaw Chilton – an expert in formation, stewardship, and hospitality – the article includes practical tips that almost any church can do.

Maundy Thursday at Home: Stripping the Table

empty wood table

Bring the solemnity of Maundy Thursday home by ‘stripping’ your kitchen table and putting away ornaments and flowers from Thursday through Holy Saturday.

A Beginner’s Guide to Christian Fasting


The main purpose of fasting involves the question: What I am desiring to be filled with? Learn about planning your fast, and tips for moving though it.

Holy Week in a Box

Holy Week in a Box big

Holy Week in a Box uses simple objects, tucked into a small box, and scripture, to tell the story of Jesus’ last week.