Spring Stewardship: Laying the Foundation

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Encouraging generous giving is a year-round project, and an opportunity to build relationships and highlight ministry. Try these spring stewardship tips.

Creating a Prayer Net

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A creative and tactile way for all ages to pray, creating a piece of art woven with prayers. Instructions and tips for making a prayer net.

How to Write your Pastor a Thank You Note

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Have you thanked your pastor and church leaders lately? Carolyn Chilton shares four tips for how to write a thank you note. One note makes a big difference.

Zac the Chaplain Dog


Senior Airman Zac provides comfort and pastoral care to soldiers in the field. He is also a Labrador retriever. Chaplain Andrea Baker tells the story.

Last Call for 60 Second Survey

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Last call to take the Building Faith 60 second survey. Thank you to the 200 plus readers who have already responded!

Gifts for Graduating Seniors


Churches play an important role in sending off high school seniors. Special gifts can mark the occasion. Some suggestions including books and other ideas.

60 Second Survey: Tell us about you!

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Thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting on Building Faith. We realize that we don’t know much about you. To change that, we invite you to answer the following brief survey.

Celebrating Ascension Day at Home


It is no small thing that Christ – even in his resurrected form – chose to spend his last days walking on terra firma with his friends and family.

Celtic Prayers for Traveling

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The ancient Celts knew something about comings and goings. Praying for travel affirms the purpose of our journey, and our hope that it will be a good one.

Three Models for Intergenerational Faith Formation

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Churches are discovering the benefits of intergenerational faith formation. Large gatherings, small groups, or enhancing existing program all work for you.

How to Host a *Structured* Hymn Sing

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Churches have long enjoyed the hymn sing as a parish program. But could it be reinvented to add structure and form, along with some education?

First Communion for Children with Special Needs

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All children can prepare for and receive the grace of the sacraments. When God invites, God provides. And when God provides, grace abounds! This moving story of Sue and Hector provides a powerful lesson, and practical suggestions for first communion for children with special needs.

Teens, Sin, and Grace

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Lisa Brown shares more of her wisdom on talking with teens about sin, grace, and forgiveness.

How to Talk with Teens about Sin

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How do teens and youth understand sin, and how can adults discuss this topic in a faithful way? Lisa Brown offers practical ideas and great analogies.

Questions to Get Intergenerational Groups Talking

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You’ve gathered an intergenerational group for formation or a meal. Now how to break the ice and get them talking? Questions that all ages can answer.

Household Bible Reading with Lectio Divina

Lectio Bible

Reading the Bible at home builds faith and brings households together. Lectio Divina is a simple and fun way to read and engage as a group or individual.

Aloha for Earth Day – 6 Ways to Honor the ‘Aina

Hawaii two girls

In Hawaii caring for the land is a deeply held value. Learn more, including practical ways to celebrate Earth Day.

Hosting a Bible Group for Moms

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Elizabeth Windsor describes a successful church group for moms. Bible study, sharing across generations, worship, and service all developed in this group.

Presenting Bibles to Children – Make it Intergenerational

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Many churches present Bibles to young people, but this church brings older adults, parents, and children together for an intergenerational process. Children hear from older adults about why the Bible is important to them, and then receive a bookmark filled with favorite Bible verses.

Praying before Meals at Home

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Does your household say a blessing before meals? Gary Taylor explains the importance of this faith practice, along with practical tips to get started.