Spark Family Magazine Connects Church, Faith & Family

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Looking for a way to connect your church families with their faith story when they are not in church? Spark Family Magazine is specifically for home use.

Make a Faith Chest

Make a Faith Chest

A faith chest allows us to look back, as often as we need, at the parts of our spiritual lives. This home practice offers tips and advice and links.

Driving Your Youth: A Planning Tool

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Offering transportation allows all children to attend acolyte or choir festivals, day-long service and educational opportunities. Furthermore, traveling together allows youth to bond with one another in life-changing ways. Arriving at your destination safely should be a planning priority.

How to Get the Most from your Church Facebook Page: 10 Tips

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Does your church have a Facebook page? Does your church know how to use it? Here are 10 tips for reaching people and sharing your message through Facebook.

Crowdfunding: How Churches Go Online to Fund Projects

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hurches have always raised money for projects, building relationships in mission. Online platforms for crowdfunding make this process easy and exciting.

Whirl by Sparkhouse: Curriculum Review

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Looking for a well-rounded Sunday school curriculum for ages pre-K to 6th? The CMT reviews Whirl curriculum, a lectionary based program with lots to offer.

How to Evaluate your Christian Education Curriculum

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Do you love your current Christian formation curriculum? Considering other options? Follow these tips for evaluating current and potential curricula.

Tell Your Flock about Home Practices with this Pre-made Newsletter Article

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With Home Practices, you’ll find free household activities and practices that are do-able, adaptable, fun, and meaningful.

This Children’s Bulletin Doubles as a Worship Scavenger Hunt

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Many churches use published children’s bulletins to engage younger worshippers. This homemade option helps connect children to the prayers and liturgy.

How to be a Baby-Friendly Church: 4 Tips

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When Erin saw the rocking chair, she knew this was a child friendly church. Easy tips for making your church welcoming to parents and children.

How to Make Easy Bible Lego Videos with Kids

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Wondering how to engage children in Biblical stories? This process, using Lego, digital pictures, and powerpoint, is perfect for Sunday school or home.

4 Questions for all Ministers to Answer

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Young or old, lay or ordained, what are the four qualities needed to be a great minister in the church? Bishop Shand tells us the four questions he asks, directly or indirectly, to every minister.

Sunday School Activity: Life-Size Scrabble

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For a group activity that is fun and builds team spirit, try life-size Scrabble for Sunday School. Tiles are easy to make and rules easy to adapt. Enjoy!

Two Websites to Bookmark: Worshipping With Children, and Healthy Church Resources

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Well curated and trusted websites are critical tools for Christian formation professionals and volunteers. These are two of our favorites.

The 30 Minute Summer Sabbath

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Does your summer include rest and a chance to recharge? Jerusalem’s tips and ideas will help you and your household keep summer sabbath.

Christian Birthday Prayers and Blessings

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Christians have a special opportunity on a birthday. This article shows why and how to say prayers and blessings as we celebrate God’s gifts of life.

Why We Allowed Phones on the Youth Mission Trip

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For years it was a tried and true rule: no phones. But this year we asks teens to help tell a digital story. We are pleasantly surprised, and so were they!

Prayer for a Church Convention

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Many denominations have large gatherings every few years. In the Episcopal Church, for example, there is General Convention. My prayer for this gathering.

Charleston: We Must All Take Risks

Pray with Charleston

“We cannot allow evil to shut us down…. We have to stay the course…We will not be deterred and we will not be turned around.”         Tragedy in Charleston Many of us taught or preached this past week on the horrifying murder of 9 members of Emanuel AME in Charleston, South Carolina. […]

Bricks of Faith: Creating a VBS Labyrinth


“Whenever I walk the labyrinth, I will remember children making this beautiful sacred space – with hearts, question marks, joy, and a baseball field – and see the passion behind their creativity. Their bricks represent the fulfillment of God’s promises.”     Walter Brueggemann’s Narrative of “Making Bricks” The Vacation Bible School (VBS) program at […]