Slip n Slide Kickball


Slip n Slide Kickball – kiddie pools, plastic sheeting, and water – is a refreshing way to finish up your summer or kick off a new season of youth group!

Review: Frolic, an Early Childhood Curriculum from Sparkhouse


Frolic fosters a loving environment in which children 0-3, their parents and caregivers, can learn about prayer, Scripture, God, and the world around them.

Does your Church Have Benchmarks for Christian Education?


Christian education benchmarks provide consistent reference points against which formation activities can be measured, encouraging teaching and learning in the congregation.

Why VBS Needs Clergy… and Why Clergy Need VBS

Matthew VBS1

The church shines at VBS: showing values of community, education, Scripture, and nurturing children. As a clergy person VBS is particularly powerful.

The Sacrament of Back to School

girl with leaf

Each fall as children and teens go back to school, parents and teachers feel that sacred tug. Call it a moment of grace; call it a sacrament; delight in it.

Build a Back to School Prayer Station

Chalk in Bowl

Invite community members to pray for students and teachers with a prayer station in front of your church. We used a chalkboard, with inspiring results.

Stock Up! Guide to Buying School Supplies

School Supplies

Whether you need school supplies for Sunday school, youth ministry, school, or home, this guide will help you save money, and get the best items.

Fruits in Due Season: Growing Faith in the Summer Months

The Green Season - Edited

Growing food from the earth is much like growing faith. The growing never really ends, and the fruits of the spirit appear.

We Invited our High School Youth back to Sunday School: And they Came!


High school students help plan and lead a bi-weekly curriculum rooted in the covenants of the Bible that stretches into their personal and communal lives.

Prayer Sticks: A Holy Home Activity


Making and using prayer sticks are a simple way to create an intentional and consistent prayer practice in your home.

How to Write a Condolence Note


Why write a condolence note? A condolence note is a tangible sign of remembrance. It can be read in private or be shared, put aside or reread many times. Included are suggestions of what to write.

Spiritual Fun with Dry Erase Markers

Dry Erase Marker God

Little ideas can strengthen faith. Use dry erase markers to write Bible verses, faith messages, or pictures. Works for church, or on the mirror at home!

Praying Facebook


Praying Facebook is a way to shift our focus to the needs of others – making the cares and concerns not about us, but rather about the people who share theirs. This is indeed a prayerful practice and one that can bring us into deeper understanding and compassion.

Training Teens for VBS: 16 Things They Need to Hear

Teenager girl love

Teens make valuable contributions as VBS volunteers. But they need clear and direct training. Here’s what to tell them to keep everyone safe and having fun.

The e-Formation Webinar: Join our Conference Online


At the e-Formation conference we believe culturally savvy, digitally literate leadership skills are essential in every congregation and regional church body

What Curriculum do You Use? Take this Important Survey

Books carry school

It is time for another survey – to learn what congregations are using in their faith formation programs as well as what new resources are needed.

The Congregation that Reads Together: A Book Basket Enhances Adult Ed.

Books group

With limited time and space for Sunday morning adult education, one congregation chooses a book to read as a community; conversation and community grow.

Meal Prayers for all Occasions

Quiche meal table

Many families say a prayer – grace – before a shared meal, usually dinner. What about the other times we nourish our bodies?

Introducing ‘Sparkhouse Family’: Books, Videos, & More

Frolic Bible long

Sparkhouse Family offers trusted books and videos for at-home access. Parents and caregivers have new tools to pass on faith to children at home.

9 Ways for Churches to Stay Connected with Parishioners Over the Summer

Summer church rose

Most churches see attendance decline in the summer, but here are ways to buck the trend, and build spiritual connection throughout the season.