Covenant Bible Study – A New Series for Adults

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A new adult education series that takes a refreshing approach through the Bible, focusing on the stories, characters, and our connection to them.

Tactile Prayer – Using Body and Senses to Connect with God

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How can we reconcile the intangible nature of prayer with our very tangible reality? Our tradition is rich in written prayer. As a writer and self-proclaimed word geek, the exquisite language of the Book of Common Prayer speaks to me. In many circumstances those prayers articulate the perfect translation of the meditations of my heart into wording that makes sense to my brain.

Where to Buy Olive Wood Crosses

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Buy these olive wood crosses from the Holy Land in bulk in use them for many purposes. A Christian couple in Connecticut sells olive wood crosses, at cost, as their ministry.

Everyday Lent – 6 Lenten Calendars/Guides for Daily Devotion

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Still searching for a daily discipline during Lent? The six links below offer daily meditations, prayer prompts, and activities for individual and family.

The Purpose of Giving Something up for Lent

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Today, we offer Matthew’s article from last year about giving things up. Whatever your Lenten practice – be it adding or subtracting – may you draw closer to God through Christ during this season.

This Lent, Add Instead of Subtract

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Whatever you choose – adding or subtracting – the point is to do something that feeds your soul without draining your energy or making you resent the time. Be realistic, keep it simple and enjoy!

The Ashes – Burning Palms with the Confirmation Class

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For Ash Wednesday, Christians often burn the palms from the previous Palm Sunday. What happens when you invite your confirmation class to help?

Inviting Others to Lent – The Church Has Many Doors

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So…invite people to Lent! I know it seems a bit counter-intuitive, but it isn’t really. What do all the studies tell us that people in the U.S. want from religion or spirituality? They want a sense of mystery, silence, a connection to God and connections to others. How can you open your many doors and offer this to your community during Lent?

Creating a Lenten Prayer Space at Home

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In a family with small children it is often difficult to know how to create a space to journey through lent together in a developmentally appropriate way. Our family has tried different practices and readings through lent, but the one thing that has been constant in our Lenten practices is simply creating a collection of symbolic items in a central place in the home (i.e. on the family table or on a stand in a main living area).

Spring Comes Early with Plants in Your Sunday School Room

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Plants not only supply life-giving oxygen, but also make us more in tune with the natural world. If we bring plants and flowers into our Sunday School rooms – a relatively inexpensive undertaking – we can set an example of care and appreciation of the natural world for our children. We can also illustrate the continuing work of God in creation in our world, bringing to life the scripture and theology of Genesis.

Do What Matters Workshops – A Training Opportunity for Faith Formation Leaders

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Do What Matters! is a two-day training experience for congregational leaders, offered at 25 sites around the county in 2015. This interactive training experience seeks to help leaders imagine and implement effective faith formation practices for today and for future generations.

How to Plan an Effective and Renewing Retreat – Tips and Advice

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Retreats can be designed to build community, to accomplish a task, to provide time for study and reflection, or to serve as sanctuary. A retreat gives participants a time and space to be fully present, to do work that is hard to accomplish, or to partake in reflection that eludes us in the regular rhythm of our lives.

Candlemas? Groundhog Day? What’s the Real Story of February 2nd?

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February 2nd has, for centuries, been celebrated as a Christian Feast Day as the Feast of the Presentation, honoring the day on which the baby Jesus was brought to the Temple in Jerusalem by his parents Mary and Joseph. The name Candlemas refers to the blessing of candles and the processions, traditional elements of the celebration.

“All God’s Children” – A Lenten Program for all Ages

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GenOn has produced “All God’s Children.” This five-week series offers activities, Bible Study, and group learning for all ages. Designed for Lent.

This Lent, Learn the Power of Resilience – A Study for Individuals or Groups

Living Well through Lent Compass

This resource from Living Compass is a devotional study that takes readers through the season of Lent. The study includes short reflections from a variety of voices, each continuing the theme of “Practicing Resilience with All our Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind.”

Top Resources for Lent (Forward Movement)

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As you no doubt know, Lent Madness is the world’s most popular online Lenten devotion. For people around the globe, the saintly smackdown is the very definition of Lenten devotion (and competition). Though it’s hard to believe, some people prefer a different approach to Lent, so I’m glad to share with you four other resources Forward Movement is really excited to offer you this Lent and Easter.

Top Resources for Lent (Church Publishing Incorporated)

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Sharon’s top picks (a mix of perennial favorites alongside some new offerings) for a variety of ages and stages to take along on the Lenten journey.

Christians Together: Planning an Ecumenical Worship Service

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Developing an ecumenical worship service can be one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences for any Christian. As always, we remember that we are living into Jesus’ prayer in John 17:21 “That you all may be one.” If you are planning an ecumenical worship service for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, or some other time: here are some pointers and items to keep in mind:

Breaking Bread: Why Churches Still Need Dinner Groups

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Dinner groups occasionally draw new members into congregational life, satisfying the original “foyer” intent. One parish newcomer noted, “I always came away from a dinner with a better appreciation of who we are as a community and how we got here.” But for us they have a wider purpose: facilitating social engagement outside the church walls.

Animate: A New Adult Formation DVD Series

Animate DVD

Bottom line—there is no magic-bullet/wonder product that is going to solve all of our programming and faith formation woes… But if you lead in a place where thoughtful people want to talk about real life and faith, shape their community and world, and maybe get together for pie while they’re doing it—“Animate” creates space for all of that to happen. Meanwhile, you get to bring people like Brian McLaren, Phyllis Tickle, and Shane Claiborne into your midst for a short while. And really, $69.99 is way cheaper than a plane ticket and a hefty speaker fee…