A Call to Pastors: Keep Writing Thank You Notes


This ministry of gratitude is essential, for it reflects our gratitude to God for the many gifts and blessing we have received through the people who serve God and the church.

Teacher Tip: Creating Lessons that Engage Teenagers

Love Hands kids bible group

Engagement, that spark which leads to interaction and learning. Here are tried and true ways to plan and lead lessons that engage teenagers.

Lesson Plan: Exploring the Trinity

trinity icon angels

“That God is three persons: Spirit in green to help us grow; Jesus in brown walking in the dirt; the Father in gold who created this beautiful earth.”       Exploring the Trinity with Children During the course of the program year, leaders and teachers often use “one-time” lessons. Perhaps you have a break between […]

Christmas Pageants: The Joy of Children Immersed in Scripture


Scripture-based Christmas pageants allow children to embody the nativity story, assimilating and owning Scripture in ever deepening ways.

DVD Review: Kids and Prayer


A new DVD for elementary-age students that teaches children an overall concept of Christian prayer in a fun and engaging way.

I’m a Youth Minister… and I Plan 12 Months Ahead


Pre-planning allows youth ministers to create and develop rich patterns of intentional discipleship, and it allows them to do this as a community, collaborating with both the mission and vision of the church, as well as the specific heart’s desires of the youth group community

Clothesline Collects: Leading Children to Prayer


Writing collects, prayers to gather and focus worshipers, can be tailored to various ages and is an excellent activity for distilling a mission.

Mix it Up at Lunch Day


The premise of Mix It Up at Lunch Day is simple: take a different seat for lunch. By doing so, students experience an inclusive and welcoming community and schools can start to work towards building that community.

Using Lego to Help Kids Explore the Bible


In 2012, a formation director named Emily Given wrote an article for Building Faith about her experience helping children explore Bible stories with Lego™. The post was a huge hit, and Emily subsequently wrote a book: Building Faith, Brick by Brick.

Youth Group Lesson: Fruits of the Spirit


Why does Paul list fruits of the Spirit? Why not vegetables? Because fruit have visible seeds and caring for a seed makes a useful analogy to caring for our fruits of the spirit.

Children’s Chapel: Best Practices and Resources

Children lights candles girls

In Children’s Chapel, young children have space to celebrate God’s Word – gathering, listening, and responding – in their own way. Resources reviewed by Building Faith help adults create meaningful liturgy for them.

Book Review: Pray and Color, A Guide to Prayer


So much more than a coloring book. Pray and Color by Sybil Macbeth, author of Praying in Color, will guide you through types of prayer. Our review.

Teacher Tip: 7 Ways to Quiet a Crowd


How do you call a group to attention. Whether children or adults; school, church, or camp – these seven teacher tips help invite a crowd to quiet.

Review Your Day with God: Daily Examen


“As you review the morning, afternoon, and evening, notice moments of love and grace.”       Why is this faith practice important? So many of us go to bed at night with the day racing through our minds. We need a way to both reflect and let go. A daily examen is one way […]

Book Review: The Book of Comic Prayer


Author Heather Annis has created a platform for youth ministry based on comics youth draw in response to scripture and their daily lives.

Freshly Brewed: 5 New Ideas for Coffee Hour


With careful planning, coffee hour can be where congregants spiritually nourish one another, newcomers feel welcomed, and oldtimers enjoy fellowship.

Electronic Giving: It’s a Hospitality Issue


Charitable giving in the U.S. continues to grow, and e-Giving is by far the preferred method. How can churches make e-giving an option for parishioners of all ages?

Lectio Divina with Children


Lectio Divina is the ancient practice of praying with Scripture in four steps: reading, meditation, prayer, contemplation. Using a children’s Bible and modified questions, lectio can successfully help children listen to God speak through His Word.

Social Media Sunday


Social Media Sunday, with the hashtag #SMS16, can easily integrate into worship, fellowship time, or even beyond with faith formation opportunities.

Bullying Links and Resources


Resources and links compiled by Building Faith on bullying.