Holy Week at Home: Family Practices for the Triduum

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There are many ways to bring the fullness of Holy Week into the home. Try these specific activities for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with your household.

How to Talk with Children about Holy Week

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Sometimes an article is so good, that we just have to repost it. In 2011 Elizabeth Windsor shared her thoughts on Holy Week, the cross, and children. Offering practical tips, along with general wisdom, this short article should be read by every teacher and leader who works with children.

Beyond the Egg Hunt – Celebrating Easter Sunday

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“However you choose to incorporate and channel the excitement of Easter morning, do it intentionally, with love and the full knowledge that death has been defeated.”     Easter Joy It is the principle feast day of the year; we look forward to it for all of Lent; it’s exciting and powerful: it’s Easter Sunday! […]

9 Ways to Welcome Church Visitors on Easter

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Does your church have many visitors and guests on Easter? Carolyn Chilton shares 9 ways to show Christian hospitality, including children.

Holy Week Children’s Service with Visual Props

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Carolyn Brown offers this brilliant way of using visual props to make a Holy Week service (Tenebrae) come alive. Children and intergenerational groups.

Reinventing the Easter Egg Hunt

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“As children empty their eggs, they drop their Good Sam Bucks into three jars representing local non-profit charities that help children…. The children take home a piece of candy for every Good Sam Buck they donate.”     A Big Hit on Building Faith Last year (2014) the Rev. Rebecca Edwards shared with us her story […]

Build a Better Easter Basket

Better Easter Basket

Jerusalem Greer shows items with connections to Easter, and scripture, to fill a basket that is truly about Easter. Strengthen children’s faith.

Making Easter Butterflies – Alleluia!

Butterfly - Stella

Make durable Easter butterflies that are fun for all ages, decorate the church garden, and symbolize the resurrection of Jesus.

The e-Formation Conference – Ministry in a Digital World

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A gathering of church leaders, staff, and volunteers committed to the future of the church in a digital world. E-Formation registration is open for 2015.

Creating a Prayer Loom

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Emily Given describes the purpose and process of creating a prayer loom, a visual and kinesthetic way to pray with groups, especially children.

Vacation Bible School – Our Top Four Picks

I Love VBS

Every year The Center for the Ministry of Teaching reviews VBS programs from across the spectrum of the Church.

The Best Vacation Bible School Programs for 2015

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Welcome to the Center for the Ministry of Teaching (CMT) Vacation Bible School Reviews for 2015. Both new programs developed for 2015 and recaps of perennial resources are among the reviews.

A Guide to “Hacking” Curriculum – How to invent a new program using what you already have

Bible Study

If your church is like my church, you’ve got a few years’ worth of discarded curricula hanging around in your Sunday School closet. And if your church is like my church, you’ve also got a population of harried, overworked adults, with or without kids, for whom clearing out a weekday evening every week for Bible study is simply out of the question.

Covenant Bible Study – A New Series for Adults

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A new adult education series that takes a refreshing approach through the Bible, focusing on the stories, characters, and our connection to them.

Tactile Prayer – Using Body and Senses to Connect with God

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How can we reconcile the intangible nature of prayer with our very tangible reality? Our tradition is rich in written prayer. As a writer and self-proclaimed word geek, the exquisite language of the Book of Common Prayer speaks to me. In many circumstances those prayers articulate the perfect translation of the meditations of my heart into wording that makes sense to my brain.

Where to Buy Olive Wood Crosses

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Buy these olive wood crosses from the Holy Land in bulk in use them for many purposes. A Christian couple in Connecticut sells olive wood crosses, at cost, as their ministry.

Everyday Lent – 6 Lenten Calendars/Guides for Daily Devotion

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Still searching for a daily discipline during Lent? The six links below offer daily meditations, prayer prompts, and activities for individual and family.

The Purpose of Giving Something up for Lent

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Today, we offer Matthew’s article from last year about giving things up. Whatever your Lenten practice – be it adding or subtracting – may you draw closer to God through Christ during this season.

This Lent, Add Instead of Subtract

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Whatever you choose – adding or subtracting – the point is to do something that feeds your soul without draining your energy or making you resent the time. Be realistic, keep it simple and enjoy!

The Ashes – Burning Palms with the Confirmation Class

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For Ash Wednesday, Christians often burn the palms from the previous Palm Sunday. What happens when you invite your confirmation class to help?