Sunday School Activity: Life-Size Scrabble

Scrabble 5

For a group activity that is fun and builds team spirit, try life-size Scrabble for Sunday School. Tiles are easy to make and rules easy to adapt. Enjoy!

Two Websites to Bookmark: Worshipping With Children, and Healthy Church Resources

woman computer

Well curated and trusted websites are critical tools for Christian formation professionals and volunteers. These are two of our favorites.

The 30 Minute Summer Sabbath

child summer fun face

Does your summer include rest and a chance to recharge? Jerusalem’s tips and ideas will help you and your household keep summer sabbath.

Christian Birthday Prayers and Blessings

birthday cake candles

Christians have a special opportunity on a birthday. This article shows why and how to say prayers and blessings as we celebrate God’s gifts of life.

Why We Allowed Phones on the Youth Mission Trip

teen phone

For years it was a tried and true rule: no phones. But this year we asks teens to help tell a digital story. We are pleasantly surprised, and so were they!

Prayer for a Church Convention

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Many denominations have large gatherings every few years. In the Episcopal Church, for example, there is General Convention. My prayer for this gathering.

Charleston: We Must All Take Risks

Pray with Charleston

“We cannot allow evil to shut us down…. We have to stay the course…We will not be deterred and we will not be turned around.”         Tragedy in Charleston Many of us taught or preached this past week on the horrifying murder of 9 members of Emanuel AME in Charleston, South Carolina. […]

Bricks of Faith: Creating a VBS Labyrinth


“Whenever I walk the labyrinth, I will remember children making this beautiful sacred space – with hearts, question marks, joy, and a baseball field – and see the passion behind their creativity. Their bricks represent the fulfillment of God’s promises.”     Walter Brueggemann’s Narrative of “Making Bricks” The Vacation Bible School (VBS) program at […]

ChurchNext: A Powerful Tool for Adult Formation

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Church can expand adult formation and education options, use an online platform, and build community. ChurchNext is an affordable option that we recommend.

Seven Keys for Transformational Mission Trips

Nailing highres

Church mission trips can be transformational for youth and adults, but there are intentional choices that leaders must make. Read these seven tips before you head off.

Flat Jesus Summer Project: St. Ann Style


As church members travel in the summer, “flat Jesus” is a fun an interactive way to stay connected with the church and build community through social media.

Five Things We Learned at e-Formation


The e-Formation conference at VTS brought people from around the country to hone skills and expand thinking for ministry in a digital world.

How to Pack for Summer Camp

luggage packing

This post links to a 2014 article entitled “10 Camp Packing Pointers” by Matthew Kozlowski and Charlotte Hand Greeson. Enjoy and share!

The Joy of Singing with Children

children singing

In 2013 Brook Packard wrote a series of articles for Building Faith about singing with children. She shared wisdom from her many years of experience as an educator, musician, and Christian formation leader. These articles are rich with practical tips, overall advice, and ways to keep the joy of singing alive. If you or anyone you know works with children, these articles must reads!

How to Practice “Safe Church” for VBS and Summer Programs

2014 VBS 178

Churches have “safe church” protocols to keep children safe from abuse. But what about summer programs such as VBS? The author describes how to be vigilant.

You Can Write for Building Faith!


Our authors and contributors are people working in churches, homes, and schools. Share your ideas and write for Building Faith.

Christian Education Planning Calendar

Calendar agenda pen notebook

Educators need to look at the entire church year. These calendars include feast days, readings, other secular holidays, and lots of room for notes/planning.

Spring Stewardship: Laying the Foundation

brick mortar trowel

Encouraging generous giving is a year-round project, and an opportunity to build relationships and highlight ministry. Try these spring stewardship tips.

Creating a Prayer Net

yarn string color

A creative and tactile way for all ages to pray, creating a piece of art woven with prayers. Instructions and tips for making a prayer net.

How to Write your Pastor a Thank You Note

pen and paper

Have you thanked your pastor and church leaders lately? Carolyn Chilton shares four tips for how to write a thank you note. One note makes a big difference.