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Announcing a New Building Faith

The new site will launch in September. Until then, you won’t see any new articles from Building Faith. We’ll be hunkering down to complete our content organization, and adding the finishing touches.

Webinar: Staying in Touch with Youth (recording and resources)

            Webinar August 16, 2017 If you are a youth minister, you know the important challenge of keeping in touch with your youth. From announcements, to meeting times, to checking in for prayer – youth ministers need a way to reach the teens they serve. This webinar describes overall strategies […]

Ages and Stages: Teaching Children at Each Level

For church teachers and volunteers, understanding children’s development helps teaching and programming. Each age level has unique traits, gifts, and challenges.

Church Leaders in the Local Community: 4 Ways to “Become Known”

Sam Thomas ministers to an RV park, serves as police chaplain, and writes weekly newspaper columns. He knows the community; more importantly, they know him.