21st Century Faith Formation

Churches today face a huge adaptive challenge in developing faith formation for the 21st century. We need a more holistic and comprehensive vision for the 21st century that is missional, formational, and transformational; that addresses the diversity of people’s spiritual and religious needs; that takes place in a diversity of physical settings (churches, homes, third places) as well as virtual online settings; that utilizes a variety of formats and technologies for learning; that accesses the vast resources of religious content and experiences available today.

It is now possible for a congregation to provide faith formation for everyone, anytime, anywhere, 24x7x365. It is now possible to customize and personalize faith formation for all ages around the life tasks and issues, interests, religious and spiritual needs, and busy lives of people. It is now possible to engage people in a wide diversity of programs, activities, and resources that incorporate a variety of ways to learn—on your own, with a mentor, at home, in small groups, in large groups, in the congregation, and in the community and world—delivered in physical gathered settings and virtual online settings.

It is now possible to deliver religious content and experiences to people wherever they are, 24 x 7 x 365. It is now possible to connect people to each other whenever and wherever—in physical places and virtual spaces. We now have the ability to develop a lifelong and life-wide approach to faith formation and realize our vision for lifelong faith formation for all ages and generations.

The 21st Century Faith Formation Website has been created as a resource center to help leaders in congregations create faith formation using 21st century approaches, methods, technologies, and tools. Specifically the website will help you:

  • learn about transformations that are happening in religion, technology, society, and learning and education and their impact on faith formation
  • discover a vision and principles for a 21st century approach to faith formation
  • create faith formation networks, incorporating a variety of ways to learn in both online and physical settings, that are targeted to the religious and spiritual needs for age groups, families, and multiple generations in your congregation
  • explore models and examples of how congregations are creating faith formation networks and using the digital media in faith formation
  • learn how to use the new digital media and web technologies in faith formation
  • develop the skills for curating religious content and experiences for all ages and generations
  • learn approaches and skills for leadership in the 21st century

21st Century Faith Formation is a curated website sponsored by Vibrant Faith Ministries and Lifelong Faith Associates. 

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