A Message from Building Faith

Dear Colleagues in Ministry:

After almost 6-1/2 years of having my work at Church Publishing (CPI) divided between training, editorial, and marketing with faith formation resources, I now have a singular focus as an editor. CPI Management believes I have distinctive gifts in this area and I’m pleased to exercise my skills toward acquiring and developing resources for ministry in all the areas in which CPI publishes, beyond and including faith formation.

As I assume these new and exciting responsibilities, I find it necessary to relinquish some of the tasks that I’ve enjoyed doing over the years. Accordingly, Living IN-Formation and Building Faith will be discontinued. Though these communication vehicles will not be available to allow us to stay in touch, I hope you will continue to let me know of resources that you feel you need in your ministries for the Church. You will be hearing from my colleagues at CPI in the coming weeks about ways that you can continue to receive information and alerts about new published resources.

I will continue to travel extensively throughout the Church as an acquiring editor and I encourage you to be in touch with me with your ideas and thoughts about how CPI may best serve you in your ministries. I will continue to participate in Christian formation networks and events.


Sharon Ely Pearson

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4 Responses to “A Message from Building Faith”

  1. I am so happy for you, and know you have great gifts to share in this way, but I do so hate to see Building Faith going away.

    This has been such a rich resource and a great way to share ideas. If your editors find a way to continue something like this, I believe it would be a great help to all of us out in the field.

  2. Theresa Grate says:

    I have greatly enjoyed and learned from Building Faith, which so often has just the thing I was looking for or thinking about for my children’s ministry. I wish you luck in your new position, but will miss this forum.

  3. Catherine Inserra Petersen says:

    Dear Sharon, I had just found you this past fall and felt my heart soar! Blessings upon you as you move forward, yet your reflections, ideas and good resources supported my ministry greatly. I will miss you. God’s peace and grace.

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