A New Portal: Progressive Christianity

by Sharon Ely Pearson

On June 20, 2011, Patheos announced the launch of a Progressive Christian portal designed as a marketplace of ideas for the evolving movement of Progressive Christianity. Portals already exist for Buddhist, Catholic, Evangelical, Hindu, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, and Pagan religious perspectives. In this new portal, a weekly column by Brian McLaren will be offered. It will also feature writings from Diana Butler Bass, Tony Jones, Bruce Epperly, The Wild Goose Festival, and more.

In exploring this site, I discovered some great articles, postings, and resources such as:

In addition to the Progressive Christianity section, this site also offers great links and resources that could be used in a comparative religions course. Plenty of information, all in one location!

If you spend time checking out websites and surfing the internet, this site may provide some food for thought as well as new resources for your ministry. And I’ll add it to Building Faith’s web links for your searching ease!

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