New Lenten Study: 5 Marks of Love

If we are ‘marked as Christ’s own,’ what are the ‘marks of love’ that characterize the Divine Life abiding and at work within us? The Brothers of SSJE’s Lenten workbook for 2017.

Webinar: Planning for Lent

Your invited to this free webinar on planning for Lent. Big picture thinking and practical ideas with Matthew Kozlowski, Krista Lovell, and Sue Van Oss.

The Spiritual Side of Decluttering

Decluttering, or tidying-up, creates in our homes a clean slate. By ridding ourselves of excess stuff, we have more of ourselves to give others.

Discussing Race in Lent: Free Online Series

ChurchNext 5-week Lenten course explores spirituality and racial justice. Videos and questions for individuals and groups.

On Ash Wednesday, The Power of Scripture

From Joel to Matthew, the Scripture in the Ash Wednesday service resonates with power. Here are our top 5 favorites.

Group Activities for Lent: Prayer Loom and Prayer Net

Lenten group activities are intergenerational, flexible, and interactive. The Prayer Loom and the Prayer Net are two of our most popular experiential prayer activities.

Ash Wednesday at Home: Fire and Ashes

Bring the household together with a fire, confess and burn sins, share marshmallows. Honor the beginning of Lent with an Ash Wednesday tradition.

Guiding Teenagers in Lent: Give Up on Giving Up?

Teenagers may trivialize Lent, or over-intensify it. Adults can help teens set goals for spiritual growth, not be afraid of failure, and draw closer to God.

Creative Ideas for Children’s Ash Wednesday and Holy Week Services

Interactive and age appropriate worship ideas to help children understand and experience Ash Wednesday and Holy Week.

Resources for Lent: Books and Devotions for Adults

Looking for Lenten books or devotions for adults? Check out these resources for Lent, from five different publishers.

Latest Lenten Resources for Children and Families

Five Christian publishing houses offer their latest Lenten resources for children and families.

A New Lenten Resource from SSJE: Rule of Life Workbook

SSJE has teamed up with VTS to produce a Lenten study workbook. Individuals or groups will explore a rule of life to deepen relationship with God.

Everyday Lent – 6 Lenten Calendars/Guides for Daily Devotion

Still searching for a daily discipline during Lent? The six links below offer daily meditations, prayer prompts, and activities for individual and family.

The Purpose of Giving Something up for Lent

Today, we offer Matthew’s article from last year about giving things up. Whatever your Lenten practice – be it adding or subtracting – may you draw closer to God through Christ during this season.

This Lent, Add Instead of Subtract

Whatever you choose – adding or subtracting – the point is to do something that feeds your soul without draining your energy or making you resent the time. Be realistic, keep it simple and enjoy!

The Ashes – Burning Palms with the Confirmation Class

For Ash Wednesday, Christians often burn the palms from the previous Palm Sunday. What happens when you invite your confirmation class to help?

Inviting Others to Lent – The Church Has Many Doors

So…invite people to Lent! I know it seems a bit counter-intuitive, but it isn’t really. What do all the studies tell us that people in the U.S. want from religion or spirituality? They want a sense of mystery, silence, a connection to God and connections to others. How can you open your many doors and offer this to your community during Lent?

Creating a Lenten Prayer Space at Home

In a family with small children it is often difficult to know how to create a space to journey through lent together in a developmentally appropriate way. Our family has tried different practices and readings through lent, but the one thing that has been constant in our Lenten practices is simply creating a collection of symbolic items in a central place in the home (i.e. on the family table or on a stand in a main living area).

“All God’s Children” – A Lenten Program for all Ages

GenOn has produced “All God’s Children.” This five-week series offers activities, Bible Study, and group learning for all ages. Designed for Lent.

Children’s Prayers and Bible Verses for Lent

The season of Lent is a perfect time for children to take on the challenge of learning a prayer by heart, or memorizing a Bible verse. Here are some suggestions.