Building Faith Does Easter: 12 Helpful Posts

“Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen. Remember how he told you… that the Son of Man must be handed over to sinners, and be crucified, and on the third day rise again.” -Luke 24:5-7



Celebrating Easter
Over the years Building Faith has published many helpful articles on Easter. From worship traditions to children’s activities… eggs to baskets, we have ideas and wisdom for you as you plan for Easter.

Beyond the Egg Hunt: Celebrating Easter at Church
There are many ways to invite parishioners and guests to share in the joy of Easter morning. This post includes several practical ideas for flowering the cross. Charlotte Hand Greeson also offers suggestions for egg hunts that move beyond melting chocolate.



9 Ways to Welcome Church Visitors on Easter
Carolyn Chilton suggests ways to welcome guests on Easter Sunday. Some ideas can be implemented without much planning and others take a little more time. She notes that Easter Sunday has become better attended than Christmas Eve. There is no better time to welcome visitors, and tell them you are glad they are there to hear the story of Christ’s triumph over death!



Making Easter Flags
This is an intensive and intentional journey through Holy Week using art. Christine Hides walks her students through Jesus’ last week and the Resurrection using a combination of scripture and short, directed steps in creating a flag. At the end of their time together the students have created an Easter flag that tells the story of the Risen Christ in colors and symbols.



Easter Butterflies
Butterflies are an enduring symbol of Easter. Jesus emerges from his tomb changed yet the same, just as a butterfly emerges from the chrysalis that it made as a caterpillar. This church makes over-sized, weather-resistant butterflies that are placed outside around the buildings just before the Easter Vigil. Nancy Eubanks describes how they serve as an invitation and a reminder, as well as an ongoing memorial  to the many years they have been made by families at St. James.



How to Reinvent Your Easter Egg Hunt, for Good
Easter egg hunts can reflect the values and gifts of your congregation, rather than being all about shoving one another out of the way to get more candy. The Rev. Rebecca Nelson Edwards describes how her church moved from hoarding chocolate to sharing the mission of Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, using eggs filled with ‘outreach dollars’ to share. Of course, candy was available for everyone, too!



In the Bustle of Easter… Don’t Forget to Teach Easter!
The Resurrection is the foundation event of Christianity, and yet we often neglect to spend enough time teaching Easter in our Sunday school classes or formation time. Christine Hides offers 3 days on the church calendar to teach Easter. In addition, she makes a strong case for teaching the Resurrection more frequently and with more vigor, throughout the church year and to a wide variety of audiences.



8 Ways to Live the Great Fifty Days of Easter
Easter Sunday is the start of a whole season in which the church rediscovers Jesus’ post-resurrection ministry and the movement of the Holy Spirit in forming the Church. Amy Sanders Montanez offers ideas to help adults in your congregations to hold on to the mystery and the glory of Easter for just a while longer.



Why Eggs on Easter? A Christian Answer
Eggs have always been a symbol and sign of Easter. The new life found inside an egg reminds us of the new life found in the Risen Christ; a chick emerging from its shell reminds us of Christ emerging from his tomb. This post includes history and stories that help educators connect Easter eggs to the Resurrection.



Build a Better Easter Basket
Jerusalem Greer walks readers through preparing Easter baskets that are full of more than sugary eggs. Simple items that can be purchased at the dollar store represent Easter or Christian themes: Joy, Light, Faith, etc. Each item has an explanation and corresponding scripture passage.



Make a Resurrection Set: Hands-on Easter Learning
Using items found around the home and simple print-outs, families can make a child-friendly Resurrection Set for acting out the Easter story. Much like we encourage children to do with a Nativity Set, this Easter set allows children to tell and retell the story of Jesus’ last days and the empty tomb on Easter morning. Originally posted in Catholic Icing.



Children’s Easter Books
Telling the Easter story in words and images that children can understand is an important aspect of Easter education. Matthew Kozlowski and Dorothy Linthicum share several books that tell the Story through age appropriate text and pictures. Includes suggestions for three children’s bibles.



2 Easter Crafts: Resurrection Garden & Easter Wheat
The garden, full of green growing things bursting forth from the good earth, has long been a symbol of Easter and the Resurrection. These two activities – creating a garden tableau and growing wheat – use the garden visual to celebrate Easter. Perfect for home or Sunday school.



The above posts are just some of our favorites. To find more articles and reflections on Easter, simply use the search box on the Building Faith homepage. Type a keyword and let the search function point you in the right direction!


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