Free Webinar Next Wednesday: Communicating with Youth (and their families)







Free Webinar Wednesday August 16
If you are a youth minister, you know the important challenge of keeping in touch with your youth. From announcements, to meeting times, to checking in for prayer – youth ministers need a way to reach the teens they serve.

This webinar will describe overall strategies for communicating, for example: when and how to include parents and families in communication. We’ll also discuss specific tools and platforms, for example: group texts, and a program called Band.

So join us for this free webinar on August 16th at 3 p.m. eastern
Starting Well: Communicating with Youth (and their families)

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Panelists and Host
We are excited to welcome our two expert panelists, both of whom bring years of youth ministry experience, as well as savvy communication strategies.

Randall Curtis is the Ministry Developer and Evangelist for Youth and Young Adults in the Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas. Randall has over 20 years of experience in youth ministry, and is the coordinator of the Forma Certificate of Youth and Family Ministry. He lives in Arkansas with his wife, daughter, two pugs, and more tortoises than he admits to his wife.

Santi Rodriguez is the Youth Minister at Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia. He specializes in spiritual formation and the relationship between prayer and social media. Santi is married and has a son, age 8. He enjoys photography, running, classic films, and reading biographies.

Matthew Kozlowski will host the webinar. He is on staff at the Center for the Ministry of Teaching, and serves as co-editor for Building Faith.

Can’t Make it Next Wednesday?
No problem! The webinar will be recorded for later viewing. Please still register, and we will send you a link when the video is ready.


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2 Responses to “Free Webinar Next Wednesday: Communicating with Youth (and their families)”

  1. Susan says:

    I was interested in this webinar and promoting it for my youth leaders. But I was taken aback that all three of your presenters are male. (Well, ok, host and two presenters.) I know for a fact that our families and leaders would appreciate having a female leader’s input in a webinar of three presenters. We have many effective female youth leaders and evangelists here in Las Vegas! And we certainly don’t want to deter young women who are experiencing a call to ministry to think that this is exclusively a man’s calling.

    How will incorporate perspectives from effective women in leadership with youth in this webinar?

    Thank you.
    Rev Susan Holden, Pastor
    University United Methodist Church
    Campus Minister
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  2. Hi Susan.

    Thanks for your comment. Building Faith strives to lift up the voices of all ministers doing God’s work on behalf of the Body of Christ. This webinar happens to feature 2 men, in addition to Building Faith’s regular host, Matthew. I hope you’ll find he leads Randall and Santi in a thoughtful conversation on the topic of communicating with youth, discussing both the particulars of technology as well as the specific pastoral needs of teenagers.

    We work hard to find the best practitioners to speak on our topics, and we (Matthew and I) spend a significant amount of time talking through the outline of each webinar. Everyone who participates in our webinars is given a “voice” in the text conversation available with the Zoom platform. We can’t guarantee that every question is answered, but time is taken during the webinar to address comments.

    Please encourage your youth leaders to register for, and participate in, our web conversation on best communication practices with youth.

    We are always looking for writers and webinar presenters. I’d love to hear what is working in Nevada!

    ~Charlotte Hand Greeson, Building Faith co-editor

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