Building Faith Does Lent: 9 Helpful Posts


“And Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness for forty days, being tempted by the devil.” -Luke 4:1-2


Planning for Lent
Churches have a special opportunity when it comes to Lent. Many parishioners – and seekers too – are committed to the season of Lent, and the church can help them in their journey. Below you will find program ideas and inspiration; something for all ages, and for churches big and small.


Webinar: Planning for Lent
This is a time, in the words of webinar participant Krista Lovell, “to set aside the ordinary so that we can experience the extraordinary.” She and co-contributor Sue Van Oss offer Wisdom from the Field in this 60-minute webinar full of ideas for faith leaders, individuals, and families inside the church and online.


Group Activities for Lent: Prayer Net and Prayer Loom
Two of our most popular experiential prayer practices. These two activities deepen spirituality, and allow for teaching/learning about prayer. The prayer loom and the prayer net can be used at any time of year, but Lent is a particularly suitable season.



Guiding Teenagers in Lent
Talking with teens and supporting their choices of spiritual practice during Lent, from Lisa Brown.




This Lent: Add Instead of Subtract
Some of us find value in taking something on for Lent, rather than giving something up. This post is full of ideas for prayerfully adding a practice for the season of Lent.



The Importance of Giving Something up for Lent
“Giving something up for Lent is a way to step into a life that centers on Jesus,” writes Matthew Kozlowski. In this post, Matthew writes about girding up to give up something for Lent and asking Jesus for help.



Create a Lenten Prayer Space at Home
More than any other time of year, Lent requires daily practice and attention. Emily Watkins describes how she has made and used a home prayer space and what items she includes.



Music in Lent: Journey Songs
An annotated list of hymns and songs from a wide variety of sources for the season of Lent, appropriate for voices of all ages!



Saying Goodbye to the Alleluia
Many churches put away their Alleluias as a physical representation of this season of repentance. Sharon Pearson’s post gives the history of this practice as well as some advice for making it a complete part of Christian formation.



Lent in a Bag
Easily one of our most popular Lenten activities, this post describes the collection of small objects as symbols of the season, placed in a bag for use at home. Instructions and reflections are included. This post has been updated over the years as more formation leaders modify Lent in a Bag for their congregations.



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