17 Christmas Pageant Survival Tips

A Christmas pageant survival checklist ensures the simplest of children’s pageants run more smoothly. A gift during this hectic, if joyful, time of year!

#AdventWord: Daily Inspiration for Advent

Adventword is a global, visual daily prayer that everyone can participate in. Daily emails include a new adventword and a short devotional. Respond with your own image on social media.

Giving Thanks: A Family Craft

This Thanksgiving, take some time for an easy, intergenerational craft to recognize and record gratitude. This family craft can then adorn your table!

Where to Buy Christian Christmas Cards

We wanted to share with you a 2014 Building Faith article by Matthew Kozlowski. The topic is online sources for Christmas cards, especially cards with a religious/Christian message.

Webinar Video: Claiming Epiphany

A free webinar from the Center for the Ministry of Teaching. Claiming Epiphany: Theology, Practice, and Good Ideas.

Special Announcement: Building Faith Webinar

Announcing a new webinar series from the CMT and Building Faith. “Wisdom From the Field” will bring you advice and topical discussion. Join us Wednesday.

Building Faith Does Advent: 9 Helpful Posts

A collection of Building Faith’s Advent posts, including activities for the congregation, the classroom, and the home, from wreaths to calendars to prayers. Advent is a season of preparation and anticipation, these posts aim to help.

The 99¢ Advent Wreath

With a handful of items, you or our church can make a small Advent wreath, perfect for a bedside table or desk. Truly an object of devotion for the season.

Building Faith Does Thanksgiving: 7 Helpful Posts

From at-home activities, to the history and meaning of Thanksgiving, you are sure to find something helpful: a round-up of Building Faith articles

Top 3 Smartphone Apps for Forming Faith

The Center for the Ministry of Teaching’s top picks for smartphone apps. Use your phone to read the Bible to daily devotional prayer to prayer-in-community.

All Saints’ Day Ideas and Resources

Our collection of posts for All Saints’ Day includes links for activities, lessons, ideas, books, or the history/meaning behind the saints.

500 Years Later: Yes, the Reformation Still Matters

Reacquaint yourself with the Reformation so that you might point out and name some things for your congregation along the way. Resources for the 500th Anniversary.

Advent and Christmas Resources (Church Publishing)

Books for adults and children help us prepare for Advent and Christmas, at home and in worship.

Advent and Christmas Resources (Paraclete Press)

With a multitude of options, you are sure to find something for individuals, households, or congregations. Here’s to Advent and Christmas 2016.

Advent Books and Resources (Forward Movement)

Forward Movement offers resources for the 2016 season of Advent: books for individuals and families for daily devotion and preparation.

A Call to Pastors: Keep Writing Thank You Notes

This ministry of gratitude is essential, for it reflects our gratitude to God for the many gifts and blessing we have received through the people who serve God and the church.

Teacher Tip: Creating Lessons that Engage Teenagers

Engagement, that spark which leads to interaction and learning. Here are tried and true ways to plan and lead lessons that engage teenagers.

Lesson Plan: Exploring the Trinity

“That God is three persons: Spirit in green to help us grow; Jesus in brown walking in the dirt; the Father in gold who created this beautiful earth.”       Exploring the Trinity with Children During the course of the program year, leaders and teachers often use “one-time” lessons. Perhaps you have a break between […]

Christmas Pageants: The Joy of Children Immersed in Scripture

Scripture-based Christmas pageants allow children to embody the nativity story, assimilating and owning Scripture in ever deepening ways.

DVD Review: Kids and Prayer

A new DVD for elementary-age students that teaches children an overall concept of Christian prayer in a fun and engaging way.