A Christian Education Handbook

The Epis Ch Ed Handbook cmyk

The Episcopal Christian Educator’s Handbook is now available!
Compiled and edited by Sharon Ely Pearson, this is a must have for anyone doing formation ministry in a parish setting.

Handbook Contents
The easiest way to enjoy ALL the resources is to purchase the entire book! However Sharon has generously made some of the content available here at Building Faith. You are welcome to click through the links below for PDF files.

Handbook Cover – A simple cover that can be printed out and slipped into the cover of a 3-ring-binder for making your own “Christian Education Handbook.”

Instructions – Download these sample instructions for putting together your own “handbook.”

The Church Nursery – Our smallest members need our best care. That means making sure the environment in which they are cared for and the people who spend time with them deserve our utmost care and scrutiny.

Nursery Registration Cards – A suggestion for a Registration Form for the infants and toddlers who are cared for in the Church Nursery or Child Care on Sundays during worship (and other times.)

Church School Teacher Position Description – When inviting people to the ministry of serving as a teacher in the Church or Sunday School, whether it is with children, youth, or adults, it is helpful to have a description of what their responsibilities will be. It will assist them in discerning if they feel they have the gifts and skills (and heart) for this ministry.

Background Checks – While it is disheartening to do this, we are called to protect the children and youth that we serve as well as protect those who offer ministry. In today’s world, obtaining background checks is important and is is grounded in theological principles.

Education Planning Calendar –  A chart of the Lectionary readings from June 2013 through June 2014 that offers space to add your educational events and other items for planning purpose. Print out, add your own items, make copies for your staff and volunteers.

Understanding the Lectionary – explains how Years A, B, and C tell the story of God’s people through the Sunday readings of the Revised Common Lectionary.

Teaching with the Prayer Book – A listing of websites and books for the Episcopal Church and teaching with the Book of Common Prayer.

Teacher Commissioning Service – Taken from “Awake My Soul” (page 58-60) edited by Julia Huttar Bailey and Ernesto Medina, this offers a way for a congregation (including children) to be involved in the commissioning of Church School teachers. Or you may choose a number of prayers or simpler commissioning and dedication services here.

Teaching with Movies – Many churches use movies and movie clips for teaching and entertainment. Did you know there are restrictions and laws regarding such uses in public places, including churches? Here is a legal explanation of the law regarding movie permissions.