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What is a Curriculum?
A curriculum is a set of courses and resources for use in an educational setting. From the Latin, currere, it is a course to be run, following a plan set using experiences through which a learner can grow in knowledge.


Curriculum Charts
Here you will find charts, organized by age level, listing numerous curricular materials from a variety of denominations and publishers.

Curriculum chart for children (ages 0-12) updated April 2014

Curriculum chart for youth (ages 13-18) updated April 2013

Curriculum chart for young adults and adults (18 and over) updated April 2013

Curriculum chart for Confirmation

An annotated bibliography of Episcopal Confirmation preparation sources (2009)


How to Choose a Curriculum - Helpful Documents
How to evaluate curriculum

Selecting a Curriculum That’s Right for Your Church
A process for your church to follow for discerning what curricula might be best for your congregation

2013 Survey and 2010 Survey results regarding the types of curriculum that churches are currently using with children, youth, and adults.

Menu of opportunities
How to develop a full-bodied Adult formation offering in your congregation, providing a for learning and growing in faith.


Preview Before you Buy
Remember that diocesan and/or Church-Based Resource Centers often have copies of curricula on hand for previewing. Always a good idea before making a purchase and commitment.