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What is Intergenerational Ministry?

When churches intentionally bring together people of multiple ages and life stages for fellowship, learning, worship, and service, the result is “intergenerational ministry.” An increasing body of evidence shows how this ministry model helps all ages grow in faith, and helps Christian communities become stronger.

Building Faith Articles

Three Models for Intergenerational Formation
Matthew Kozlowski reflects on three basic formats: large events, small groups, and enhancing existing programs.

Advent for Everyone
Tina Clark describes the activities and programs at St. Barnabas in which all ages gather to make Advent wreaths and more. This article reflects the planning process for intergenerational activities, and also the larger challenges and opportunities.

Creating Mixed Seating for Intergenerational Events
Annette Ediger explains, in detail, how she makes sure that each table at her event has people from every age group. She goes on to explain the format and content of her intergenerational events. A must read for those looking for a real life example of how to do intergenerational ministry.

The Good Book Club – Intergenerational Bible Study
Carolyn Chilton describes a summer Christian education offering at her church. The concept is simple: invite parishioners to discuss Bible readings on Sunday. The key is inviting and encouraging young people and children to join and respond.

Questions to get Intergenerational Groups Talking
This article lists discussion questions that specifically work for groups with various ages. Prompts such as these are important tools for intergenerational gatherings.

External Links

This new site developed by Lifelong Faith Associates offers theory, selected texts, resources, articles, and examples of intergenerational formation.