by Sharon Ely Pearson

Can’t find the right Christmas pageant? Don’t know where to look for good quality seasonal dramas? There’s enough drama at your church without having to worry about finding more!

Skiturgies (yes, it’s a new word that you won’t find in the dictionary – yet!) is a new website page that offers top-quality, tested plays, pageants, dramas, and liturgical pieces in a single, easy-to-use website. Material is available for the “standard” occasions such as the traditional Christmas pageant, but also for other times throughout the church year from Advent to Lent, Pentecost, All Saints and more. With a pay-and-download format, your purchase includes rights to reproduce the scripts for your church and use as much as you’d like.

At the moment, there is a free Blessing of Backpacks by Wendy Claire Barrie to use this Sunday as the kids are going back to school.

This will be a library that will be added to in the months and years to come. New submissions are also being accepted. Contact Sharon Pearson (spearson@cpg.org) if you have something original you have written and used that you thik would make a good Skiturgy. Here are a few examples of what is available now:

  • A Celebration for All Saints by Gordon Graham
  • The Nicene Creed: Reflections for Chancel Drama by Linda Nichols
  • The Stations of the Cross for Children by Linda Weaver
  • The Feast of Lights (for Epiphany) by Sharon Ely Pearson
  • The Pageant of Miracle Births by Mark MacGougan
  • St. Francis and the Wolf by Wendy Claire Barrie
  • Check out the Skiturgies page for more!

How is your church involved in dramatic productions?

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