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Take a Seat – Make a Friend

Did you know that these can build community? Did you know that these can set the scene for a theological reflection? A moment of transformation? An opportunity for evangelism?

Just Reading the Bible

When we stopped homeschooling after the primary years, and the boys went to grade school, finding time to read the Bible in the morning was a lot more challenging. There was no peaceful time when everyone was together in the same room. I ended up settling into a pattern of reading to them as they ate breakfast.

My Faith, My World, My Voice

What if our churches engaged in recording the stories of its members? What if youth interviewed elders as well as the smallest child? What if families recorded their stories and shared them with other families?

Creating a Dream Team

Gone are the days (hopefully) when ministries with children, youth and adults are segregated into their own little fiefdoms.

It Takes a Whole Faith Community

All three of our sons will be in high school this fall, so it is a natural time to review their childhoods. Our twins are finishing up eighth grade, saying goodbye to friends who will go to different high schools; and our older son, soon to be a junior, is a few days away from driving.

Wiggle Tamers & On-Boards

Whether gathering with children, youth, or adults sometimes you just need an ice-breaker to get folks warmed up, moving, or engaged with each other.

What Happened? Rethinking Tragedy, Children, and the Role of Adults

I understand that there is evil in the world. I also know about mental illness. I am not naïve or ignorant. But really, what happened?

On Holy Ground

I think that we, in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives often miss those experiences of the holy that God gives to us. It is each breath that we take.

Parents Again

They can drop the children off at the church and join other parents for a night out or spend time by themselves. Bouknight said raising young children can take its toll on grandparents, and the Parents Night Out gives them time to nurture their marriage.

A Rose is a Rose . . . is a Cow

One sticky Louisiana day, we headed out . . . hoping to catch our dinner. When we arrived to the pasture, I realized very quickly that we were not alone. The pasture was FULL of cows – and they were looking right at me. They were. I promise. I decided that I wasn’t in the mood to fish.

“Do You Love Me?” Parenting

There I stood by the tub with two shivering little girls, cowering in the corner – as if naked and ashamed in the Garden of Eden. The older one became the tearful spokes person as she stammered out their heartfelt question, “Mother, do you still love us?”

Pebbles of Peace

Amid these boulders of hatred, fear, anguish and death which seem to far outweigh anything any of us could do, we need to put into the balance many pebbles of love. Enough pebbles of love to balance the scales and even tip it toward peace.

Cultural Child-Rearing “Norms”

New research links certain early, nurturing parenting practices—the kind common in foraging hunter-gatherer societies—to specific, healthy emotional outcomes in adulthood, and has many experts rethinking some of our modern, cultural child-rearing “norms.”

Elders First

We’re incredibly child-centered, yet I fear we don’t set the expectation that our children assimilate themselves into their larger community. That they adjust themselves to accommodate others; place others’ needs consistently before their own.

Books for Earth Day

“Every Sunday in the creed, Christians confess their faith in God who created the world we inhabit. It’s God’s gift. As stewards of that gift, each of us has responsibility, both to God and to generations to come, to ensure that this remains a sustainable world. Placing environmental concerns at the heart of our Christian worship for this fixed time each year demonstrates our shared commitment to this end.” Rowan Williams

Autism Awareness Month

Whether we know it or not, our churches DO have children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

In the Stars with the Angels

She has found her voice. Riley is almost two years old and has already drawn some pretty amazing conclusions about what the big world is all about. She recently talked with me about resurrection. I’m not kidding.

Can Your Child Be Too Religious?

Seeing their kids more eager to pray than play video games, most parents would shout, “Hallelujah” or whatever their expression of joy. And they should. Research shows that religion can be a positive force in the lives of children, just as can be for adults.

Modern Parenthood

The way mothers and fathers spend their time has changed dramatically in the past half century. Dads are doing more housework and child care; moms more paid work outside the home. Neither has overtaken the other in their “traditional” realms, but their roles are converging.

When is VBS not VBS? Arts Camp at St. B’s

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Denver likes to dance to our own slightly different beat, even while we embrace the scripture and deeply rooted traditions of our faith. So, not surprisingly, we have a weeklong summer day camp every year. Also not surprisingly, it’s not Vacation Bible School.