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“Sunday Happens” – Good News from Gainesville


Today is our first edition of a new segment on Building Faith called “Sunday Happens.” Christian formation leaders from across the country will share their experience from THIS SUNDAY by answering three simple questions.  Feel free to comment, share, support, ask, commiserate, or just say “God is good!”     Today’s reflection comes from Kristen […]

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: A Recipe for Confirmation

joy of inquiry

Home baked bread has been part of my life ever since I can remember. On Sundays my mother would take out the Joy of Cooking, turn to page 603, and begin gathering the ingredients. By evening our family was gathered around the kitchen table for warm bread topped with melting butter. I use that same […]

Becoming the Story We Tell


It’s purpose: to restore the role of Lent and Easter in forming the church as a community of disciples, welcoming new disciples, and renewing a sense of God’s call to the church in baptism.

The Nativity


The Christian faith is a faith of incarnation, of the mystery whereby God the Son, the second Person of the Holy Trinity became fully human for the sake of the whole human race. As the Christmas collect says, he came to ‘take our nature upon him and as at this time to be born of a pure virgin.’

Advent 4: Jesus’ Birth Announced by Matthew


Joseph can help us to understand the potential joy of doing something from our hearts, counter cultural and risky. I think there is a lot here to talk about across the generations, particularly if we include the depth of Mary’s faith that we heard last week in the Magnificat.

Advent 3: Visions and Prophets


During these first three Sundays, Matthew has introduced us to Jesus during his years of ministry and highlighted the unpredictability and the imminence of the kingdom of God, our need to follow paths whose end we do not know, and the importance of being open to prophets who will not be what we expect.

Lights, Camera and Action: Bringing the Gospel to Life


Creating these films has been a lot of work, but it was well worth the time and the effort. We have given the kids an opportunity to engage the sacred stories in their terms, with their own words. These films allow God to be known to them and to us.

Making Time for Kindness


Playing prosocial video games led to greater subsequent prosocial behavior in the real world.

What We Shall Become


God’s Spirit is present in varied places and communities, and if we are to be faithful, part of our job is to build partnerships for mission with others who share our understanding of what God’s mission is about.

Heresy Guaranteed


They may believe in the spiritual truth that God always comes back into relationship with humanity, but they do not buy the historical bodily resurrection of Jesus. Followers, people conscious of the presence of Jesus, are not necessarily committed to the theological statements about Jesus.

Moment to Moment: All “For Jesus”


We may not be able to describe scientifically what happens to children who attend church Sunday after Sunday, but I believe something deeply and profoundly formational happens.

Free Coke if You Talk With Us About Jesus


Our neighborhood is less than prosperous these days, so naturally, many who come to the table are more motivated by the desire for a free pop than by any spiritual yearning.

Embracing Spiritual Awakening


We’ve moved from the conventional question to an experiential (or spiritual) question that has to do with how we experience belief. People will ask me the question sometimes multiple times in a single day, “How do you believe that?”

When People Insult You


Jesus says whenever people welcome you, the kingdom of God is near and whenever people reject you, the kingdom of God in near.

The Feast of the Transfiguration


The transfiguration of Jesus is to strengthen the disciples on the road to Jerusalem, whether those disciples are those on the mountain or those who are on the road to Jerusalem in their earthly pilgrimage here and now.



It is my fear that we have turned God into Superman. We are so quick to call on God to rescue us, to save us from the evil villain, to appear, cape and all, only when we need Him . . . and then, when something goes wrong, or when we feel that God has failed us, we take Him and angrily throw Him back into the toy box and pull Him out again when we are ready to play.



The idea that, by welcoming a stranger, one might be entertaining angels unaware (Hebrews 13:2) seems to have been a widespread belief. Besides, one never knew when one might need hospitality in return.

An Interview with Mary Magdalene


A reporter for the Jerusalem Journal, a distant cousin of Mary Magdalene, sat down with Mary Magdalene, privately, in a interview that lasted about an hour. This is the unofficial version of that interview, which up to this time, has never been published.

Feed My Sheep

We both begin and end our journey in this life as helpless sheep in God’s fold, and certainly, there are critical times of illness or crisis in between in which we might need to be fed and cared for by others.

Are There Required Christian Beliefs?


The need for other people to believe as one believes, and the fear of those whose beliefs differ, are powerful impulses. They have led to the redrawing of boundaries of communities and nations, to murder, and to religious wars.