Twittering a Conference – Pt. 2

by Sharon Ely Pearson

Yesterday, in Part 1 I summed up in my Twitter feed and notes from the first two days of “Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity” conference held a month ago in Washington, DC. Today’s Building Faith post shares the last two days of the conference.

Day 3

  • (Rosemary Beales): Godly Play is an old “new” kind of Christianity
  • (Samir Selmanovic): How can Christians live in a horizontal world?
  • God moves sideways – strangers are to be taken care of
  • Humility is to be our identity – receiving from others – not through colonization
  • In receiving we acknowledge others
  • Get re-enchanted with your faith
  • Mystics live this incompleteness of oneness –learn from them
  • (Shane Clairborne): We’re going to lose young people becaue we haven’t trusted youth to share the gospel but just played games with them.
  • Capture the imagination of what it means to be a follower of Jesus
  • Good News spreads best through fascination not force
  • (Joyce Mercer & Dori Baker): Listening to Girls bibliography
  • (Paul Hill): Mirror neurons copy in the brain what is seen best.
  • (Patricia Lyons): Welcome to Hogwarts – language that is relevant and new.
  • Dismantling systematic theology with humor and relevance to today’s world
  • Teach the faith as a way of life
  • Too engaging to tweet or take notes!
  • Panel on Violence – text for healing James 4:1-3 and Philippians 2
  • Bibles are loaded guns – “texts of terror” McLaren
  • Bible preaching people might be seen as the most violent people in America. White people need to acknowledge this.
  • The bible doesn’t have authority without interpreters
  • Use baptism and Eucharist as passages for peace
  • We need to teach interpretation. Read Paul through the eyes of the Gospel. Westerhoff
  • How are we saved when violence is done? Redemptive suffering.
  • Not all violence is an act of force & not all force is an act of violence
  • Need to talk with children about violence.
  • Is the Eucharist table fellowship or an act of atonement/violence for sin? McLaren
  • God was willing to suffer to draw us to God – 14th C. doctrine
  • Justice = equity = redemption NOT retribution & punishment
  • Jesus and the Third Way by Walter Wink
  • Remember & repent should replace forgive & forget
  • The Third Way – non-violence Matthew 5:38 (Brandy Walker)
  • How do we teach kids that suffering is not to be avoided?

Day 4

  • (Sara Million): We don’t need to give children answers but the space to question and explore
  • How much time do we give children answers vs. ask question and invite their own questions?
  • Teachers need to be nourished so that they can be nourished
  • (Ben Love): Creation Care – millennials are inheriting a dying world – our inheritance is not a blessing but a curse
  • Romans 8 – creation is groaning
  • Responsibility, preach it, teach it, short term mission trips, green the church, get involved beyond the church

Stay tuned on Building Faith for more postings on the keynotes given by John Westerhoff, Brian McLaren and Ivy Beckwith. 

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