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Choosing Curriculum

A good-fit curriculum helps people grow in the knowledge and love of God.

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Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost... the yearly rhythm of our faith.

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Faith at Home

When households practice faith at home, all ages can draw closer to Jesus Christ.

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Recent Articles

Webinar: Fresh Ideas for Stewardship Season

Sandra Montes and Becky Zartman engage is a lively conversation about a range of stewardship topics, including how to help people begin on the journey of giving, planned gifts, and connecting discipleship with stewardship.

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5 Ways to Support LGBTQ+ Youth in Your Church

Despite the immediacy of problems facing LGBTQ+ youth, it is sometimes difficult to change how a congregation sees the needs of its young people. Here are five ways to begin changing your worship community to better support LGBTQ+ youth.

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