A Prayer You Must Try: The Shouting Prayer

I am writing this post from Shrine Mont, which is a Christian retreat center in Orkney Springs, Virginia - in the Shenandoah Valley. During the summer, Shrine Mont welcomes over 900 campers throughout the summer, with various camps and sessions. While the camp themes differ (art, sports, outdoors), worship is the thing that draws them all together. And the best worship tradition has to be THE SHOUTING PRAYER.

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Commissioning Liturgy for Vacation Bible School

Churches leading VBS (and those with arts, nature, and fitness camps, too!) are also forming the adults and teens who volunteer. Recognizing those who lead the children during their daily camp is an important aspect of the ministry of church camp. Send your volunteers into the glittery fray, reminding them that they do important work on behalf of everyone in your congregation!

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