Choosing Curriculum

What Is the Right Curriculum?

Looking for the “best” curriculum for your church’s children, youth, or adult program? The good news is that there are many options from a variety of publishers and denominations. Which curriculum is best for you depends entirely on your context and goals.

Christian educators can save time and heartache by starting with some basic questions.  By evaluating your needs and capabilities – and identifying your congregation’s hopes – the process of choosing curriculum becomes manageable, and even fun.

Our advice: don’t jump into curriculum reviews and samples. Instead, start by reading the articles below; print and share them with others in your church. Pray for wisdom and clarity. Then begin the task of selecting a curriculum that will help others grow in the knowledge and love of God.

Learn about choosing curriculum. Read the articles below, written by Christian education experts. These words of wisdom will help you understand curriculum and the process of making a decision.

5 Types of Sunday School Curriculum

We have entered into the time of year when Christian educators and congregations begin to review the past program year and plan for the future. This often involves evaluating curriculum and determining if a new resource should be used in the coming year or if there is any supplemental materials to use with the current curriculum.

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Curriculum Choices for Christian Education

Choosing a curricular resource is an important decision. It is one that you can hopefully live with for at least two or three years. But remember, curriculum (currere = a course to be run) is a tool to help you and your student get from “one place to another.” It is hopefully one of a variety of resources you will tap into to help others along their spiritual journey and faith development.

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Download the charts below to see features of a wide variety of curriculum. Special thanks to renowned Christian educator Sharon Ely Pearson for making these charts available.

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