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Faith is formed through “embedded practices… specific, deliberate religious activities that are firmly intertwined with the daily habits of family routines, of eating and sleeping, of having conversations, of adorning spaces in which people live, of celebrating the holidays, and of being part of a community.”

– Robert Wuthnow, Growing Up Religious

Why Faith at Home?

When households practice faith at home, everyone can grow closer to God. Research shows that children and youth whose families participate in Christian conversations, Bible reading, traditions, and prayer are more likely to claim their faith as adults. Church leaders have a special role to play in encouraging and equipping families to connect Sunday worship with life at home.

Here at Building Faith, our Home Practices are do-able, adaptable, fun, and meaningful. These activities can be used by households of all shapes and sizes, including singles, friends, couples, children, teens, and parents.

Home Practices Articles

Blessing Children in the Home

Blessing children is a reminder of what we already know: God is present, children are loved. Parents speaking this truth with a sign is a true blessing.

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Celtic Prayers for Traveling

The ancient Celts knew something about comings and goings. Praying for travel affirms the purpose of our journey, and our hope that it will be a good one.

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Reflection: A Resolve to Practice Faith at Home

Even if we sometimes feel unsure about adapting or creating family prayers, rituals, and other practices (and I don’t mind admitting that I do), it’s nice to have this concrete reminder that the way we live our everyday lives matters not just to God but to the corporate lives of even our smallest faith communities.

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Advent in a Box

Faith building resources that put joyful Advent preparation into the hands of families, wherever they are.

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Chalking the Door: An Epiphany Tradition

On the Epiphany of Our Lord, January 6, family and friends can gather at the main entrances to homes or apartments (nursing home quarters, extended care facility, hospital rooms), and ask God’s blessing on their dwellings and on all who live or visit there.

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