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Vibrant Worship for All Ages

While many churches offer “child friendly worship” or “family services,” churches practicing intergenerational worship aim to better incorporate all the generations into the entire worship service, not just parents or children.

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Practicing Prayer Intergenerationally

5th grade Sunday school becomes fertile ground for practicing prayer and building intergenerational relationships. Prayer bead making, prayer writing, and intentionally inviting adults into community with children are key pieces to this year-long lesson.

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Shrove Tuesday at Home

Shrove Tuesday is an occasion to encourage members to consider hosting a “Fat Tuesday” dinner in their own homes and invite neighbors, friends, and family

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Talking Stewardship: A Gift to Young People

What moments formed your beliefs around money and stewardship? We never know what conversations or lessons are going to stick with young people, but that shouldn’t keep us from talking. Let go of the need to give the “right” answer and share what you think.

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An Intergenerational Epiphany Pageant

Epiphany pageants, those that happen after Christmas and always include the journey of the magi, are becoming increasingly popular. This pageant tells the breadth of the Nativity story, from the angel appearing to Zechariah and Elizabeth’s great joy all the way to the Presentation in the Temple and the joy of Anna and Simeon.

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