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Webinar: How To Be Church Beyond the Building

For many congregations, it can feel like the building is either the default center of the mission or has eclipsed any sense of mission. How can faith communities embrace or expand beyond the brick and mortar to find what the Holy Spirit is calling them to do?

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Generations & Stewardship

When it comes to stewardship (whether it be of time, talent, or treasure) every generation approaches giving in different ways. Each generation has its own characteristics and tendencies that will affect their motivation giving, which can vary according to income, race, education, region of the country, and attendance.

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Webinar: Fresh Ideas for Stewardship Season

Sandra Montes and Becky Zartman engage is a lively conversation about a range of stewardship topics, including how to help people begin on the journey of giving, planned gifts, and connecting discipleship with stewardship.

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Webinar: Self-Care and Technology

  Self-Care in a Digital World Faith leaders manage personal and professional communications, social media accounts, and a constant barrage of information and dings. How can

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