Giving God a Whole Day: The Importance of Retreats

I always thought retreats were a good idea, but had trouble pulling them off. The first time I tried it, I was a depressed teenager longing for the peace and joy that was supposed to come with one’s faith. I read some spiritual heavy-hitter who talked about how the desert fathers took off for days of fasting and solitude, and figured that was what I needed to overcome my sense of distance from God.

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Lent for Practical Christians

If we are going to be present to Jesus' real presence - and not just virtually present - we need to find practices for "being there," living life as an ongoing invitation from God. Lent can be a great help to retrieve, recover, redeem what is most important to us, yet may have gotten lost along the way.

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A Creative Mindfulness Retreat

The intention of the weekend was that it might provide resources to people who didn’t think of themselves as having spiritual resources - the folks who say, “Well, I don’t pray every day, and I don’t know that I have a spiritual life.” I hoped to introduce them to things that they already did, or things that they could do, and draw spiritual meaning out of them.

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