Easter Symbols – What do Bunnies, Eggs, and Bonnets have to do with Jesus?

Our Christian faith is rich in symbolism, both ancient and modern. Easter, after our period of study and repentance, offers us every opportunity to share the Love of God in Jesus Christ and to share our joy that He is risen indeed! *Chocolate bunnies, meanwhile, don't have much to teach us about Christianity. They are good to eat, and always the first to go from my Easter basket, starting with the ears!

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Activity for Lent: Create a Multi-Room “Labyrinth”

You are welcome here. This is your space. This is a safe space. A space to remind yourself who you are and why you're here. A space to wind and unwind; to retreat and to advance; to withdraw and to move out refreshed. A space to be apart from other people and yet to be aware that you are sharing the space with them, that they are walking alongside you; that their journeys touch yours.

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