The Liturgical Year Explained (Plus Free Printable Calendar!)

We all keep time. But not all in the same way. Muslims have particular calendar based on the lunar month; Jews another - a lunisolar calendar with month added every one or two years so that months continue to align with the changing location of the sun. We Christians too have a calendar - the Liturgical calendar, a sacred and holy calendar of seven seasons.

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The Sunday School Movement

When you look out your window into the street and around the community, what are today’s children doing and what are their pressing unmet needs? Are they hungry and homeless, easy victims of drugs and gangs? Are they in need of tutoring or medical services, in need of After School or weekday care?

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Refirement vs. Retirement

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a baby boomer. This year the first of my generational co-horts are turning sixty-five. Granted, I'm at the tail end of this generation, but retirement and slowing down to stop and smell the roses is beginning to sound more and more appealing. But I'm not ready for the rocking chair - unless its with a good book and good conversation.

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The Future of Faith Formation in Your Congregation: Part 1

The pastor, staff, and faith formation leaders see the changes occurring in their church, in their community, and in the world, and wonder what the future holds for them. If present trends continue what impact will they have on the future of the church? What will happen if the church doesn’t respond to the challenges, if faith formation is not aligned well with the life situations and the spiritual needs of people today and in the future?

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