Civil Rights Sunday

September 15th marks the 50th anniversary of the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. The explosion at the African-American church, which killed four girls, marked a turning point in the U.S. 1960s Civil Rights Movement and contributed to support for passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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Go Green on Palm Sunday

Care and justice for all creation is a core value of most Christian denominations. Eco-justice ministries seek to heal, defend, and work toward justice for all God's creation and to respect the kinship and connection of all that God created through education, advocacy, and action. Palm Sunday offers an opportunity for churches to put this value into action.

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The Plight of our Children: Lenten Study 2013

We place before you the plight of many of God's children who everyday lives are threatened by the systematic push out of classrooms into the prison system. Schools across the country have adopted Federal Zero Tolerance policies, the War on Drugs and the No Child Left Behind Act to create the School-to-Prison Pipeline that disproportionately affects children of color.

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The Day of the Girl

The Day of the Girl is about highlighting, celebrating, discussing, and advancing girls lives and opportunities across the globe. When girls come together to talk about what really matters to us, we can teach other people–grownups, boys, girls all across the world–a new way of thinking about issues like gender stereotypes, discrimination, and opportunity.

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The Sunday School Movement

When you look out your window into the street and around the community, what are today’s children doing and what are their pressing unmet needs? Are they hungry and homeless, easy victims of drugs and gangs? Are they in need of tutoring or medical services, in need of After School or weekday care?

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