How Faith Can Improve Mental Health and Reduce Stress Levels

Life today is as stressful as it has ever been, and this is reflected in the fact that anti-depressants are being prescribed at a higher rate than ever before. However, there is one age-old method that can reduce stress levels for free and without a prescription. People around the world rely on faith to see them through hard times. Faith and spirituality are abstract concepts, but they can lead to concrete results in mental health improvement and stress reduction.

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Finding Great Videos for Christian Formation

Video is engaging. It grabs our attention and holds us. I remember as a child when my youth minister would bring out her VHS tape and play us a ten minute video from Gospel Bill. Even then I was transfixed. Luckily videos have gotten better. Now we have Youtube, Vimeo and other online sources for for free video. Youtube says that there is now 100 hours of new video uploaded to the site every minute. You may think, “That is a lot of cat videos.” It is true there are a lot of cat videos (I laughed at them and you know you did too) and other videos that we should probably never watch ourselves, much less show to groups. I have also found that more and more people are sharing great content on Youtube also. As Kid President would say, “They are using it to make the world more awesome.” You just have to find and remember to organize the videos.

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Spiritual Direction: Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Now as a spiritual director myself, I have the honor and privilege of accompanying people on their journeys. Almost always I am in a heightened state of awareness, eager to see how God’s presence is being manifest in another’s life. I always pray to be a channel for God’s words and a container for the expression of the person’s soul. It can be joyful. It can be truly painful. Sitting with another during periods of great sorrow and grief is a much an honor as hearing joys. Holding the container when there are dark nights of the soul, or deserts in the relationship with God, is difficult. It is also amazing.

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