How to Feed a Youth Group (When they’re tired of pizza)

There are plenty reasons why pizza is an ideal food for youth groups. It arrives ready-to-eat; most people like it (vegetarians included); and it can be very cost effective, depending on the deal you have with your local pizza place. But pizza can wear a little thin (get it?). We asked Blake Woods* and Randall Curtis*, both experts with years of youth and young adult ministry experience: what are the other options for feeding a group?

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How to Welcome Millennials to Your Church – Think Like Them!

It seems like churches are constantly asking, "How can we attract more young people?" While this opens a larger conversation, one starting point is to consider how your congregation welcomes (or would welcome) young adults when they walk through your door. While many churches have created welcoming environments and ways to greet visitors, these policies can be updated to better welcome the millennial population. So what are people in their 20s (or 30s) thinking about as they come to church? Here are some hopes and fears, and ways to address them:

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12 Ways to Keep in Touch with High School Grads

Most congregations honor their graduating high schoolers—a blessing in church and a cake at coffee hour, and maybe the gift of a prayer book. But once graduated, how well does your congregation stay in touch? Those who go off to college or the military are only ever seen again for an hour on Christmas Eve, if at all. Those who don’t move away from home may feel that there are fewer resources in the parish to meet their needs.

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Curriculum Choices for Christian Education

Choosing a curricular resource is an important decision. It is one that you can hopefully live with for at least two or three years. But remember, curriculum (currere = a course to be run) is a tool to help you and your student get from "one place to another." It is hopefully one of a variety of resources you will tap into to help others along their spiritual journey and faith development.

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