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Conversations about Consent with Youth and Young Adults

We believe that God has given us free will. Faith leaders should encourage conversations that recognize consent and routinely encourage autonomy of choice. Long-time youth minister Heidi Carter offers suggestions for how to hold these conversations with youth and young adults.

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Confirmation: Hope for a Lost Sacrament?

When young people feel seen and heard, their faith readiness becomes apparent. Valued, confirmands become engaged in authentic community where deep examination of belief and practice matter. Such a dynamic climate sustains a confirmation program, strengthens the host congregation, and retains youth after they are confirmed. The data shows that teenagers are already motivated to participate.

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5 Ways to Support LGBTQ+ Youth in Your Church

Despite the immediacy of problems facing LGBTQ+ youth, it is sometimes difficult to change how a congregation sees the needs of its young people. Here are five ways to begin changing your worship community to better support LGBTQ+ youth.

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Teaching Sexuality and Faith: New Program Available

These Are Our Bodies invites parents and church leaders into the serious, hopeful work of integrating body and soul. The series includes a foundational book as well as leader guides, participant workbooks and parent books for preschool through high school, as well as a young adult module.

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The Perfect Youth Group Session? 7 Tips

There is no one “perfect” way to plan youth group, but these seven tips – along with a year long calendar published well in advance – help create the consistency needed for building trust and connections to explore faith together.

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